* The book is dedicated to Eric Isselée, a photographer who founded Life on White
Eric photographed the amazing cow and its dung on the front cover. Many other animals images are his work, also. The "White" in Life on White refers to the white background paper he photographs animals against. He lives in Brussels, Belgium,
​with his wife and four children.

* The publisher of the Imagine imprint of Charlesbridge kept saying, "Make it grosser!" He said the same thing about Get the Scoop on Animal Puke. After I signed on to do a fungus book with the same publisher (now with MoonDance),
an editor sent a politely phrased note saying some of the photos were just too gross. Ha!

* The most difficult photograph to find was the snake feces. The book was almost
ready to leave for the printer when I overheard a student talking about his reptile collection. He generously agreed to take a few photos . . . 

* It's very rewarding to see the book used in presentations by museums, nature centers, and educators. Steve Longnecker opens his Birds of Prey talks with his well-worn copy of the book. He wants the audience to be prepared for some bird poop, and also to know that poop tells him his animals are healthy. 

* The book's graphic designer cleverly placed a photo of a poop-eating gorilla on 
the jacket's back flap, right above the author biography, where the author photo usually goes. When people ask me what I did to make the designer mad enough at me to do that, I laugh and tell them she's a dear friend. What would life be like without funny friends?

Get the Scoop on Animal Poop, published by Charlesbridge/Imagine,​ 8x10, 80 pages,
ISBN 978-1623540142


National Children’s Choice Award finalist
2013 National Science Teacher’s Association  
     Outstanding Science Trade Book List 
​International Reading Association/Children’s Book
     Council Children’s Choice Reading List 
Bank Street’s Best Children’s Books of the Year List 
2013 Animal Behavior Society’s Outstanding 
     Children’s Book Award finalist 
Washington State Student Award for 
     Informational Text finalist
North Carolina and Alabama State Children’s 
​     Book Award finalists