It's a Fungus Among Us, published by Quarto/MoonDance,​ 8x10, 80 pages,
ISBN 978-1633221543

* You've heard it before: writing is solitary work. Working with co-author Carla Billups
was great fun. Her personal interests in space, weather, and forensics
​ added so much to our fungus book. Carla also knows a lot about national science standards and elementary science teaching . . . and she tells great stories.  I  learn something new every time I spend time with her.

* In the "Who Knew? department, there are
more than two dozen books with the phrase
"Fungus Among Us" in the title or subtitle.
There's also aUK company has a line of
Fungus AmongUs toys. 

​* What's on this gecko's head? A funky
hat? Weird warts? Nope. The odd growths
help the animal camouflage with lichens.